An optimal cleaning process with Sinner's Circle

An optimal cleaning process with Sinner's Circle

Sinner's Circle is used for cleaning crates or commercial premises, and is also known as the “Circle of Sinner”. In the professional cleaning world, it is a ‘tool’ that consists of four function variables. These variables are applied in a certain ratio in order to be able to clean an object optimally.

De Sinner Cirkel

The four variables of Sinner's Circle are:

  • Power (also called mechanical labour or movement)
  • Time
  • Temperature
  • Chemistry (detergent)

These four factors all affect each other. Increasing the size of one factor automatically means that the total of the other three factors becomes smaller. Conversely, reducing the size of a factor automatically increases the size of other factors.

Washing up

How Sinner’s Circle works can be simply explained with the example of ‘washing up’. For example, if you choose to wash the dirty dishes with cold water, the temperature factor is very small. Of course, you want your dishes to be clean. This means that one or more of the other factors of Sinner's Circle have to become larger. You need to scrub harder (more power), soak the dishes for longer (time factor) or use more detergent (chemistry). If you are using very hot water (large temperature factor), you will need to scrub less hard, soak less long and/or use less detergent.

Sinner’s Circle was invented in 1959 by Dr. Herbert Sinner. He worked for the German company Henkel, which is known from the brands Persil and Fa. Mr Sinner used Sinner’s Circle for washing clothes. Nowadays, Sinner’s Circle is used much more widely, pretty much in everything that needs to be cleaned. Not surprisingly, a crate washer or a cleaning system also uses this ‘tool’.

Optimal proportions

Composing the right Sinner’s Circle is extremely important in order to achieve an optimal cleaning process. It also determines the choice you make when purchasing a cleaning system or a crate washer. You will appreciate that good advice is essential in this regard.

A practical standard of Sinner’s Circle

Thanks to many years of experience, Elpress has been able to develop a standard range of crate washer (EKW). Sinner’s Circle has been developed into a system that is as standardised as possible. We use a standard cleaning pressure (force) that has proven itself to be ideal in practice. The cleaning level is determined by the temperature and the chemical dosage. The cleaning time depends on the model of crate washer you choose. A longer model has a longer cleaning time. The crate washing line is equipped with an option package that enables Elpress to configure the industrial washing systems according to your needs as a customer. 

More information

Do you want more information so that your can make the right choice of cleaning or washing system? Then download the white paper ‘The right choice for a cleaning system or crate washer’.

Whitepaper: the right choice for a cleaning system or crate washerMore information

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