Cleaning CBL crates: besides washing, drying is also an option

Elpress crate washer EKW 2500

Cleaning crates – like CBL crates – properly is an important factor within a food industry company's business process. But in some cases the drying, after cleaning, is just as important. A blower unit then offers the solution.

Crates that are often used in the food industry are the so called CBL crates. CBL stands for Centraal Bureau Levensmiddelenhandel (Central Bureau for the Food Trade). CBL crates – also called fresh containers – are black stackable containers made of regranulate (recyclable HDPE) and are available in six different sizes.

CBL crates are used a lot for vegetables. To be able to choose the right crate washer, it is important to look at what degree of soiling the vegetables cause. Often the soiling is fresh and the crate washer works more or less like a rinsing machine. But vegetables can also cause stubborn, dried soiling. An increased retention time, higher wash temperature and possibly more chemicals are then necessary during the cleaning process.


Maarten de Geus

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