Cleaning E2 crates: Choosing a manual or an automated process?

Cleaning E2 crates crate washer

The logistics process around cleaning E2 crates can be designed in two different ways: manual input and output or with fully or partially automated handling. The number of crates to be cleaned is all-important when making this choice.

E2 crates are load carriers that are often used for the distribution of products in the meat processing and poultry processing industry. The standard format of this Euronorm crate is 600x400x200 millimeter. Within the E-series crates with other heights are also available: The E1 crate (125 millimetres high) and the E3 crate (300 millimetres high). Because of its large volume (60 litres) this last type is less practical and therefore also less popular.

Maarten de Geus

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