Good hygiene in poultry farming: lower infection rates and higher return

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By applying good hygiene measures, you can take great pleasure at being an agricultural business. In particular, good hygiene ensures lower infection pressure and an improvement of the return of your facility.

A lower infection rate ensures that the risk of diseases in animals is limited. And sick pigs, calves or chickens in your shed: you naturally want to prevent that any way you can. It goes without saying that keeping your animals healthy has many benefits.


By keeping a good hygiene protocol, you lower the chance of animal diseases within your shed walls. You can prevent the spread of infectious germs in your shed by, among other things, thoroughly cleaning and infecting the compartments. But there is another important step to this: good personal hygiene for everyone that enters the shed. This means changing into the facility's own clothing and boots, and at least washing and disinfecting hands and boots before entering where the animals are housed. That doesn't only apply to your visitors, but also to yourself and your employees.


If you know how to keep your animals healthy, that has a direct effect on business results. If fewer animals are affected, they are stronger and grow better. The animal pairings are also more uniform. This makes it easier to get the maximum from growth potential and ensures that you can supply animals with as favourable as possible a yield. Furthermore, healthy animals provide for a higher welfare and less stress from the animals. This is also beneficial for production results.


The lower the sickness levels in your shed, the fewer antibiotics you need. So this ensures lower medicine costs and also lower vet costs. A lower percentage affected provides a reduction of costs. Furthermore, with healthy animals, you can achieve a lower feed conversion. This leads to lower feed costs. Also, working with healthy animals means less work, which can also save you labour costs. All these savings on the various costs ensure that you can achieve a higher return in your business. You will understand that by doing this, you are making an investment in hygiene measures that is more than justified.

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