What additional value does a crate washer have for your organisation?

Crate washer

Food safety is of course highly valued by companies active within the food industry. That is partly because checks are done on the end-product to exclude food contamination as much as possible. Inherent to these food checks are the product's transport requirements. You can treat a piece of meat hygienically, but if you put it into a dirty crate then there is still a problem. The end-product can only be delivered ´clean´ if is transported in a ´clean´ manner. A crate washer is the answer. In this blog article we will tell you more about the additional value of industrial washing machines in the food branch, and explain why Elpress machines distinguish themselves.

Crate washers, for the hygienic transport of food.

To transport food, such as meat or vegetables, from A to B, load carriers such as crates, pallets, boxes and standard carts are often used. It is very important that everything is done hygienically. To make sure that the load carriers are clean a washing installation is used, such as a crate washer. A crate washer in the food industry needs to comply with a few practical requirements, such as:

  • Hygienic finish
  • Easy to clean, good accessibility
  • Minimal maintenance costs
  • Reliability

Washing installations for the food branch with knowledge from experience in the real world.

For some decades now, Elpress has been manufacturing washing installations for the food industry. Elpress’ roots are in developing pump installations for which high pressure and chemistry are important. Elpress has been able to combine this knowledge with hygiene and cleansing, which makes Elpress a company with real expertise in the manufacture of washing installations. Each type of contamination is different and needs the correct solution. The same applies to the load carriers (shape, dimensions, etc.).

We are trying to keep the ecological footprint of our industrial washing machines as small as possible by re-using the washing water whenever possible.

Elpress specialises in cleaning load carriers that have been developed for the food branch. A crate in which meat has been kept must be cleaned in an entirely different manner than a crate that has been used industrially. We now have several hundred crate washers working at sites, so we know what’s going on in practice. When producing a crate washer we bear in mind the fact that it must operate mechanically as much as possible. We strive to avoid disruptions on the machine, so that maintenance costs are kept to a minimum.

 Alternatives to an in-house crate washer?

Naturally buying an in-house crate washer and using it costs money. And of course there are also alternatives. It is possible to wash load carriers by hand or have it outsourced. Outsourcing is often inefficient, and transporting crates in a lorry produces extra costs, because the largest part of a truck filled with crates consists of air. It’s unfortunate about the transport costs and it means an extra impact on our environment.

Washing load carriers manually initially needs little investment, but for higher numbers of crates it soon becomes more expensive. Just think about the real time it takes, the higher use of water, and your dependence on the person who cleans.

Many food companies are growing and so a washing installation can soon pay for itself, think about quantities from 175 crates a day. By including power, water and depreciation, we can easily calculate the cost per crate with our handy calculator.

 Washing installations with solutions for removing stickers.

Elpress looked closely at the factors that are important in sticker removal, such as water, energy, chemical consumption and environmental requirements. Thanks to years of experience in chemical distribution and high pressure, Elpress has a suitable solution for sticker removal. And that solution goes beyond just solving the problem. An Elpress washing installation, such as a crate washer, catches water that has been used already. That water is then re–used, via a special filter system, for removing stickers. Innovative, efficient and above all hygienic!

Should you be interested in an Elpress crate washer or if you would like more information about the possibilities then please do not hesitate to contact us. Our professionals are only too pleased to help you.


Wout Spanjers