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Fleischhof Rasting is a well known meat processing company in Germany. As partner of EDEKA Westfleisch and Tönnies, they have a significant turnover in Germany. In addition to al their successful activities, Fleischhof Rasting continues to innovate and invest in the field of hygiene and cleaning. Hygiene entrances, cleaning points, crate washers, pallet scrubbers and standard cart washers, all confirm the advantages of having Elpress as a ‘total’ supplier. The meat processing company has been one of Elpress’ loyal customers for more than ten years. “We had a vision whereby the client entrusts all his business, in the field of hygiene and cleaning, to Elpress. By trusting us, Fleischhof Rasting has helped to substantiate this vision. As a result, they now belong to our list of loyal clients and we are very proud of that.”  according to Jannes Voss, Managing Director at Elpress.

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