Cleaning in the food industry: why choose an Food and Drug Administration cleaning hose?

FDA cleaning hose

Hygiene is, of course, just one of the most important aspects in the food industry. Thorough cleaning of machines and production areas is essential. It is therefore important to use a hygienic cleaning hose for this as well. FDA certification guarantees this.

Purchasers of food products often require the use of an FDA-certified hose if there is any possibility of the cleaning water coming into contact with the food. This is the case when machines and production areas are cleaned during the production process – e.g. between two batches. Only water is used during this cleaning, no chemicals.

However, chemicals are used during cleaning at the end of the production process. This water does not come into contact with the food. The use of an FDA hose is not required, but it could be. The use of an FDA hose also contributes to your company’s image. And shows that you pay attention to hygiene.

Food and Drug Administration certification

An FDA-certified hose is easy to identify. This hose has a white inner wall, while standard cleaning hoses are black on the inside. The hose also has an FDA symbol: the glass and fork and sometimes the word ‘FDA’, too.


Food and Drug Administration

FDA stands for Food and Drug Administration. This is the agency of the federal government in the United States that controls the quality of food and medicines in broad terms. The FDA is responsible for determining which standards have to be met by materials that come into contact with food. This concerns the composition, additives and properties of the material. If the materials – in this case cleaning hoses and food grade hoses – comply with these standards, they are eligible for an FDA certificate.

The FDA hoses from Elpress comply with the FDA certification and European legislation (EU/1935/2004, 2023/2006).

Cleaning hose: Biovast and Bioclean

Elpress has two types of FDA cleaning hose in its product range: the Biovast and the Bioclean. Both hoses have a woven textile layer and are ideal for cleaning machines, packaging and storage equipment (such as crates) and production areas that come into contact with food. The white inner wall is odourless and tasteless and the hose is smooth, supple and lightweight. The Biovast is suitable for a working pressure of up to 20 bar. The Bioclean can tolerate a working pressure of up to 60 bar.

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