Safely roll up a hose with a professional hose reel

Safely roll up a hose with a professional hose reel

A major advantage to working with a hose reel is that, after cleaning or rinsing the production room(s), the hose can nicely roll up again and that it is immediately neatly stored until the time it is needed again. This rolling up happens quickly and safely, provided it is done correctly.

Actually this is how everything works: if an object is used as it should be, then safety is not an issue. If a simple pair of kitchen scissors is used wrongly, this can cause a dangerous situation. That is just how it is with a hose reel: provided it is used well, this is a very safe aid to be able to clean quickly and efficiently. In particular, rolling up the hose has to be done in the correct way to guarantee safety. However, the instruction for this is very simple.

The professional hose reels from Elpress are always provided with a system ensuring the hoses are automatically rolled up. The rolling up speed is simple to adjust. The rolling up system is activated when the worker tugs the hose towards them.

Hold the spray gun tight

The most important conditions for being able to roll up a hose safely is that the worker does not let go of the spray gun at the time the hose is rolled up. Certainly, if you have chosen a higher roll-up speed, it is important to hold onto the spray gun while the hose is rolling up. If the spray gun is released, this can swing and hit and injure a worker or a machine or a wall may be damaged.

Ensure to guide the hose

Furthermore, it is also important that the worker always guides the hose when it is rolling up. Certainly, when the hose is completely rolled up, the spring of the roll-up system is highly tensioned and the rolling-up speed of the first few meters is quite high. Whenever the hose is not guided, it can go anywhere, and that is obviously not the intention.
Guiding also ensures that the hose is rolled correctly and uniformly onto the reel. This prevents the hose from jamming or shooting next to the reel which jams the reel.

With the Elpress EHR reel, a safety brake can also be fitted as an option. This hydraulic brake system – of course with oil that is suitable for the food sector – ensures that the roll-up speed is restricted as soon as the hose is released. The roll-up speed is simple to adjust.
This safety brake is frequently used in businesses that process vegetables in particular. In this case, in production, rinsing is regularly done in the interim ‘rapidly’, where the chance is greater that someone ‘forgets’ carefully to roll up the hoses as well.

Is a hose reel added value in your business?

The addition of a hose reel to the cleaning installation is a solution for many businesses. Using this checklist, you can discover whether a hose reel within your cleaning installation is added value for your business!

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