Extend the lifespan of hoses by using a hose reel

Extend the lifespan of hoses by using a hose reel

Sustainability is often an important priority for businesses in the food industry. You can also be faced with this on many fronts. This is also in the cleaning process in your production room(s). By careful handling of equipment such as cleaning hoses, you extend the service life so have to replace them less often.

Cleaning hoses have to suffer a lot. Being dragged over the ground repeatedly easily wears and damages the outer sleeve. And, of course, that is at the expense of the service life of the hose. Yet, there is something very simple you can do. By using hose reels, your hoses will more often last longer.

This is how hose reels provide for a longer service life

  • The hose does not drag or in any case much less over the ground because it get scuffs much less quickly.
  • By having reels installed in strategic places, the hose no longer has to be pulled around machines. This damages the hose less quickly, given that it does not get snagged behind corners or feet of the machines.
  • After each time it is used, the hose is neatly rolled up and stored automatically. As a result, it is not left lying on the wet floor anywhere and premature ageing of the hose is prevented. This also prevents the hose being thrown into a corner somewhere after use which can damage it.
  • In principle, the hose always remains connected to the water supply. Also connecting and disconnected again can affect the service life.

Of course, there are also more factors that affect the service life of hoses. Think about the type of liquid that goes through the hose and the number of hours it is used every day, the working pressure used and the way in which the hose is handled by the worker.

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