Hand washing according to the BRC

Hand washing according to the BRC

BRC Food - the abbreviated name for the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety - has been developed by the British Retail Consortium (BRC). If you as a food supplier meet the BRC Food criteria, you also meet the newest requirements of the customer and legislation. Personal hygiene is one of the components of the BRC certificate.

The BRC standards for personal hygiene - including the protocol for hand washing - have been developed to prevent the risk of product contamination by staff and visitors. The hands are washed when entering production areas and also regularly at other times - such as after visiting the toilet - to ensure food safety.

Hand washing protocol

To be eligible for the BRC certificate a company must make the facilities available for washing hands.

  • Enough water at the correct temperature.
  • Water taps that can be turned on and off without using hands.
  • Frothy or liquid soap.
  • Single-use paper towels or electric hand dryers, such as the Dyson Airblade or the Dyson Airblade Tap.
  • Advice boards that encourage hand washing.

Elpress recommends the use of turnstiles for the hygiene entrances that give access to the production area. These turnstiles only open when the employee has completed the entire hygiene process correctly, including possibly disinfecting and the cleaning of footwear.

Personal hygiene

In addition to the mandatory washing of hands, BRC also sets the following personal hygiene requirements:

  • No watches, jewellery or piercings may be worn, except for a simple wedding ring or bracelet.
  • Fingernails should be short, clean and unvarnished.
  • Perfume or aftershave may be used to a limited extent.
  • Cuts and wounds on bare skin must be covered with a coloured plaster (preferably blue) If necessary, a glove must be worn in addition to a plaster.

Checklist for personal hygiene

Checklist personal hygiene

Would you like to know more about what measures you need to take in the field of personal hygiene to be able to qualify for a hygiene certificate? Then download our white paper 'Check-list Personal Hygiene'.

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