Hygiene lock in greenhouse horticulture: washing and disinfecting hands and soles

Hygiene lock in greenhouse horticulture

Hygiene locks are frequently used in the food industry. But greenhouse horticulture also has a need for good personal hygiene. This reduces the chance of the crop suffering from unwanted bacteria, viruses and mould.

With years of experience as a supplier of hygiene locks for the food industry, Elpress knows better than anyone else that other sectors can also profit from good personal hygiene. It is thus of interest for the greenhouse horticulture sector that no unwanted bacteria, viruses or mould are able to find their way into greenhouses. Failure to achieve this would have a major and negative impact on the crop’s yield. So cleaning and disinfecting hands and soles in a hygiene lock before entering the greenhouse can prevent many problems from occurring.

Washing and disinfecting hands

Proper washing of the hands begins with proper dosing of the liquid hand soap. In the SANICARE hygiene lock, this is done by an automatic, contactless dosing unit. After soap is applied, the hands are washed. The length of time the water flows for can be set so that the desired washing time is always achieved. After washing, the hand disinfectant is applied to the hands contactlessly in the disinfection cylinders. Next, the turnstile is released and the employee can enter the greenhouse.

As an alternative to a fully automatic SANICARE hygiene lock, a more cost-effective option can also be chosen: separate soap dispensers – whether or not with turnstile – and separate washbasins with hand drying system.

Cleaning and disinfecting soles

In the SANICARE hygiene lock, the soles of the shoes or boots are also cleaned and disinfected at the same time as the hands are washed. This is done by rotating brushes. The brushes are moistened with water containing the correct concentration of disinfectant. This ensures effective cleaning and more than sufficient disinfection in order to be able to enter the greenhouse. A mild disinfectant is used to avoid damaging shoes and floors.

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