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Bird flu, also called avian flu or avian influenza is a very infectious disease for poultry (chickens, chicks, ducks and turkeys) and wild waterfowl. Across the world, there are many different bird flu viruses. The spread of bird flu may be limited by things including clean transport crates. In this blog, Wout will tell you more about this.

What is bird flu?

Bird flu is the generic term for a disease profile that causes many different types of flu viruses. There are cases where some virus strains may even pass from animals to humans. But this doesn't happen often and only with intensive and direct contact between infected animals and humans. People who have bird flu experience the same problems as with normal winter flu. Problems that infected animals experience include:

  • They don't make any noise
  • Breathing problems
  • Diarrhoea
  • Eye infections
  • Sudden death

The spread of bird flu may happen in many different ways. The first thing you think of may be infected poultry or infected birds that were already infected on arrival. But what you don't readily think about is, for example, spread via dust particles from an infected coop or infected equipment such as crates and other means of transport.

Clean transport crates to limit bird flu

The cause of the latter way is often that these crates and other means have not been cleaned well enough, after they have come into contact with (any) infected animals. Take crates as an example. In these crates, other chickens, turkeys and also birds are transported. So, an infected animal may come into contact with these crates. If they are then not cleaned well enough over the course of time, other animals can also be infected when they are transported in them. The disease can spread very rapidly.

So, what is extremely important here is that these crates are thoroughly cleaned. Elpress provides the perfect solution for this. In other words our live bird crate washers. These crate washers are provided with a washing tunnel with hinged doors. In these crate washers, the crates come into a pre-washing area, a main washing area and a rinsing area. This ensures that the crates are cleaned optimally, which therefore combats any spread of bird flu. Read here how a crate washer is tailored to your business.

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