Purchasing a cleaning or washing system? Identify your needs

Purchasing a cleaning system

Are you planning on buying a cleaning system or an industrial washing system such as a crate washer? Naturally, this is something you should consider carefully. After all, it’s an investment that you must be able to move forward with for years to come and that has to contribute to efficient and effective business operations. Good advice in the selection process is therefore far from being a frivolous luxury.

A valuable piece of advice to start with: begin at the beginning! In other words: start by mapping your own company. This will give you an insight into what your needs are when it comes to cleaning your business premises or washing the crates you use in your business process.

Draw up a list of questions for yourself, for which you can then formulate your own concrete answers. Think of questions such as:

  • Which sector does my company operating in?
  • How big is my company? How many people does it employ?
  • What do my premises look like, how much space do I have?
  • What are important points to consider in terms of running the business?
  • What is my end product: fresh product, meat product, semi-finished product, ready meal, etc.?
  • What does the production process look like and what is the capacity of the process?
  • What level of contamination of rooms or crates do I have to deal with?
  • Who are my clients and what are their requirements?

Relevant knowledge

The above questions will ensure that you consider essential aspects of your business. Answering these questions gives you a lot of relevant knowledge, which you will need in order to be able to purchase the right cleaning system or crate washer.

For example, the production capacity of your company plays a role in determining the capacity of your new crate washer. How many crates per hour should it be able to clean? And the degree of soiling of the crates determines, for example, how much soaking time a crate needs in the cleaning process and what the correct amount of chemicals is. You will also need to determine whether or not you will need to rinse the crates and install a steam extractor.

More information

Would you like to know more about making the right choices when purchasing a cleaning system or an industrial washing system such as a crate washer? Then download the white paper ‘The right choice for a cleaning system or crate washer’ for an insight into the most important points for consideration and the importance of good advice.

Whitepaper: the right choice for a cleaning system or crate washer

More information

Jannes Voss