Five reasons to purchase a professional hose reel

Five reasons to purchase a professional hose reel

More and more businesses have decided to use hose reels for cleaning their production rooms. Why is this investment such a good idea? We list for you the five reasons to purchase a professional reel.

1. Safety

Using hose reels makes a contribution to a safer cleaning process. Hose reels particularly ensure that the hoses are not constantly dragged over the ground. This prevents damage to the outer sleeve. For hoses with a steel inlay, damage causes injuries to hands.
Furthermore, a reel avoids the risk of tripping. Thanks to the hose reel, the hoses in particular are no longer on the ground and are also automatically rolled away and stored neatly after use. By hanging the reels at a minimum height of two metres, there is also no risk that workers bump into them.

2. Saves time

Working with a hose reel provides higher productivity. In particular, hoses do not have to be collected from what is known as the hose cubicle or from the hose rack. The hose reels hang in the place where cleaning is also done and the hoses are as standard already connected to the water supply too. So workers can then immediately start cleaning. After the cleaning process, the hose can be rolled up and stored quickly and simply again using an automatic roll-up system.

3. Ease of use

Hose reels provide major ergonomic benefits to your workers. The hoses are always located at the right place and so do not have to be moved before and after the cleaning process. So there is no longer any unnecessary dragging. Furthermore, the hose – by the hose reel hanging at height – does not drag over the ground while cleaning and that requires a lot less labour. Hoses also no longer get into curls or knots.

4. Sustainable investment

A professional reel ensures that the hoses are not worn and damaged as quickly and so can continue to be used for much longer. Incidentally, the hose no longer drags or in any case, much less over the ground and this prevents scuffs. Also, the used hoses are no longer lying on the wet floor. Also, due to using a reel, a hose no longer has to be pulled around machines and so no longer snags on corners or feet. This prevents damage.

5. Working pleasure

With a hose reel, the cleaning process is physically less demanding and much faster, more efficient and safer. Of course, this provides for more enjoyable work for your workers. So indirectly this also contributes to lower sick leave! When cleaning of the production room used to be a ‘chore’ which most workers objected to, they can now immediately and easily get to work and the chore is finished in no time.

Is a hose reel added value in your business?

The addition of a hose reel to the cleaning installation is a solution for many businesses. Using this checklist, you can discover whether a hose reel within your cleaning installation is added value for your business!

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