Purchasing a hose reel: this is what you need to think about

Purchasing a hose reel: this is what you need to think about

When you have decided to work with hose reels, there are still a few things you need to pay attention to for your purchase. In this blog you can read what you need to think about.

What type of reel is the best for me?

Elpress has a range of three brands of reel: Ramex (EHR), TeHa (EHT) and Nederman (EHN). Each one of these are reel brands of outstanding quality. So you can also know in advance that you – whichever brand you choose – have always made a good investment. Currently, the EHR is the most popular reel among our customers, but of course, it is up to you to choose!

Where am i going to put the reels?

It is important to install the hose reels in strategic places. The advice is to put the reels ‘in the line’ of machines, so that your workers can simply walk up alongside the objects to be cleaned with the hose and not have to go around the corner of a machine with the hose. This prevents the hose from being snagged on feet or corners. This not only makes thing easier, but it also reduces a bit more the chance of damage to the hose. The reels can be hung both on the wall and on the ceiling or – if a reel has to be hung in the centre of the room – on a pillar or panel. It is important that here too a water supply is present or is installed.

How do i hang the reels?

It is usual to hang the reels at a height of between two and three metres above the ground. The preference here is for three metres: the higher the reel hangs, the easier it is to roll it up and the smaller the chance that the hose touches the ground during cleaning. If the reel hangs at a height of three metres, then a hose stop is fitted on the reel that ensures that the hose is not completely rolled up and workers can therefore get to it.

An additional benefit to hanging the reels at a minimum height of two metres is that workers cannot walk into it. This increases safety at work.

How many reels do i need and how long must the hoses be?

Using the dimensions of the business premises, you determine how many reels you need and how long the hoses need to be. To keep the foam quality at an optimum and so it can work well, the hose can be a maximum of 25 to 30 metres long. Determine the range of each reel and ensure that the working areas for each reel overlap each other a little, so that you know for sure you can reach every square metre of the room.

Rinsing, foaming and disinfecting?

As well as the reels, if you also have to purchase hoses and spray guns, then it is important to have in mind for what application you are going to use the hoses. Only for rinsing, or also for cleaning and possibly disinfecting? And at which pressure and water temperature are you going to clean? If you know this, it is childsplay to purchase the right hose and the right spray gun for this.

More information about hose reels in your business?

Do you want to know how you can use hose reels safely and efficiently in your business premises? Our specialists would be pleased to help!

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