Which food hose is suitable for high temperatures?

Which food grade hose is suitable for high temperatures?

Different product temperatures are used in the food production process. Do you work with high temperatures? Then it’s important that you choose the right food grade hose.

Examples of food products that are often processed and transported at higher temperatures (approx. 80 to 90 degrees Celsius) are soups and sauces. The most suitable food grade hose for these products in the Elpress range is the Alikler. This suction and delivery hose has been specifically developed for the food and drink industry. The hose has a maximum working pressure of 10 bar (and a bursting pressure of 30 bar) and apart from transporting soups and sauces is also suitable for transporting alcohol up to 96%, alcoholic drinks (wine and beer), non-alcoholic drinks (e.g. fruit juice and mineral water) and

100 degrees Celsius food hose

Working with food at high temperatures requires a food grade hose capable of tolerating them. The Alikler is durable and suitable for food at temperatures of up to 100 degrees Celsius. The inner wall is also resistant to common cleaning agents and can be effectively cleaned with brief steam cleaning up to a maximum temperature of 113 degrees Celsius.

White inner wall of a food hose

The Alikler comes with FDA certification and thus meets the standards of the Food and Drug Administration. The hose also complies with European legislation (EU/1935/2004, 2023/2006). The hose has a white, smooth inner wall based on NBR rubber with synthetic textile. The hose also has an integrated spiral. The outer wall is made from blue NBR rubber.

Higher temperatures obviously cause the hose to wear faster. The specific composition of the material used in the Alikler prevents this wear as much as possible. This makes the Alikler very durable.

Which food hose is suitable for your company?

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