You need these provisions for a hygienic entrance in intensive livestock farming

Personal Hygiene Agribusiness

A good hygienic entrance for intensive livestock farming consists of ‘dirty’ and ‘clean’ areas that are strictly separated from each other. To limit as much as possible the risk of infectious germs getting in, it is important that this entrance has the correct provisions.

The dirty part is the ‘end point’ for any infectious germs which come from the outside with you as an agricultural entrepreneur, your employees or your visitors. This space is to be provided as a minimum with the following provisions:

  • A table or shelf for small items such as any jewellery, watches and mobile telephone. There is also the log book in which the person entering the shed notes the name, date, time, vehicle registration number and reason for visit. For safe storage of valuable items, you may also use a lockable box.
  • A coat rack for hanging up your own clothing.
  • A waste bin or bin bag holder.
  • If no walkthrough or normal shower is present: a washbasin or wash trough with hot and cold water, a supply of soap and a hand dryer or paper dispenser.
  • A provision for disinfecting hands.

The dirty and clean areas are physically separated from each other by means of a walkthrough shower or by means of a bench or facility at knee height which you have to step over. In a well set-up clean area, as a minimum, the following provisions are to be present:

  • A locker with clean work clothing.
  • A boot rack with a sufficient number of boots in various sizes.
  • A washing basket in which the work clothing can be placed after visiting the shed.
  • A sole and shaft cleaner and a boot dryer, possibly provided with an ozone generator.
  • If no walkthrough or normal shower is present then, here too, a washbasin or wash trough with hot and cold water, a supply of soap and a hand dryer or paper dispenser are placed.
  • A provision for disinfecting hands.

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