Wheelie bin/container washer

At Elpress, as well as our standard washing systems, we also produce washers for wheelie bins and/or containers. These washing machines are suitable, as standard, for ordinary wheelie bins and containers, but there are also options for different sizes.

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  • Industrial washing systems
  • Made from stainless steel
  • Adjustable settings
  • Economical with water


It is possible to clean several wheelie bins or containers at the same time. The items to be washed are placed on a loading flap situated at the front of the machine. For the safety of users, the installation is provided with detectors. These detectors ensure that the machine stops as soon as a person comes within the range of the loading flap.

Within the washing chamber, a rotating sprayer arm with nozzles ensures that the wheelie bins are thoroughly cleaned. The control system of the washing machine is fastened on the outside and is easily accessible. There are several washing programs available, depending on the level of soiling.


  • Energy-saving pumps
  • Filter system which takes the dirt ‘out of’ the water
  • Made of stainless steel

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