A good protocol for personal hygiene is indispensable in pig farming

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There can be no doubt that good personal hygiene is of the greatest importance in pig farming. It contributes to reducing the risk of bringing in diseases. That is why a clear hygiene protocol is indispensable for every pig farm.

To guarantee person hygiene at pig farms, various hygiene measures can be taken. Showering is not legally required, but it is a desirable situation. What is required for every pig farmer: a suitable changing room for those entering the yard.


To reduce the chance of disease getting in, visitors to the yard must leave their vehicle on the public road or park it in the specified car park. They need to wear plastic shoe covers over their own shoes or put on their own boots. Before they enter the yard and/or when entering the changing room, the visitor is to use the disinfection bath or mat for a first disinfection.


At facilities where it is possible to shower, showering is preferably done when entering and when leaving the shed – what is known as showering in and out. Primarily hands and hair have to be thoroughly washed when showering. Jewellery, watches and preferably also mobile telephones are to be kept out of the shed area. After showering, the visitor puts on clean work clothing and work boots. The work footwear is to be disinfected in the boot brush or disinfection bath, after which the shed area can be entered.


At facilities where there is no shower, visitors are to put on the facility's own shoes or boots and preferably also work clothing in the changing room. A clean work overall or possibly a disposable overall also need to be worn. Hands must be thoroughly washed and if possible, also disinfected. Boots are disinfected before entering the shed area in the boot brush or disinfection tank. Gloves, a dust mask and hair net may be used. Every measure stated provides for further reduction of the risk of disease coming in.


A strict separation between the ‘clean’ and ‘dirty’ areas is very important to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. Clothing and footwear worn outside the facility may under no circumstances come into contact with the clean work clothing. Also, after visiting the shed, work clothing and work boots must be kept separately to prevent any infectious germs present from being able to leave the facility. When leaving the shed area, the boots then have to be disinfected and clothing and boots worn need to be left behind at the specified place. Preferably, showering has to be done again or hands have to be washed and disinfected. Also, when leaving the changing room and/or the yard, the disinfection bath or mat must be used again before disinfecting outside shoes or boots.

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