Cleaning equipment for every business

Cleaning equipment for every business

Every business is different and hygiene is a more important aspect in some sectors than in others. In the food industry – and currently, for example, in plant nurseries, too – optimal hygiene is naturally extremely important. A suitable cleaning process for this exists for every business.

Businesses that work in areas such as meat and fish processing, with vegetables, fruit or dairy, or end products such as ready meals, are required to have a good hygiene process. This calls for a sound industrial cleaning system.

Which system best suits a business depends not only on the type of business – or the products its works with – but also, for example, on the size of the business. The available budget clearly also plays a role when purchasing a cleaning system. Elpress offers a suitable solution with a balanced product range for every hygiene issue.

Centralised or decentralised cleaning system

One of the first choices to be made when purchasing a cleaning system is whether to opt for a centralised or decentralised system. A centralised cleaning system is often the clear choice for large business and businesses with a new building. While it requires a higher investment, it pays for itself twice over. In a centralised system, the chemical can be purchased more cost-effectively, cleaning can be done more efficiently, and fewer working hours are needed.

Mobile cleaning system

For smaller businesses, a mobile cleaning system – for a smaller budget – is often an ideal solution. It is designed to be used by one person anywhere in the business and is above all suitable when the surface to be cleaned is not too large. Because the mobile booster unit can be optionally supplied with a built-in air compressor, there is no need for a compressed air supply on the premises.

With an eye on the future

It is important when purchasing an industrial cleaning system not only to look at the current situation but also to keep an eye on the (near) future. Do you have expansion plans for the coming years, or is a refurbishment of the current business premises on the cards? This is relevant information because it might influence the choices you make when purchasing your cleaning system. After all, you’re making an investment in the future!

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