The usefulness of operating and maintenance instructions

Usefulness of operating and maintenance instructions

Purchasing and installing a cleaning system or crate washer is one thing. But getting the most out of the system’s performance and capacity also means understanding the right way to use and maintain the system. After all, proper use and maintenance has many advantages.

If you pay attention to the correct use and maintenance of a cleaning system or crate washer, you will reap the benefits for many years to come and avoid problems along the way. Proper use and maintenance of your cleaning system or washer offers many advantages:

  • Work can be more efficient when you know how to use the system to best effect.
  • There is less chance of malfunctions if the system is used properly.
  • Any malfunctions can often be solved relatively easily with the right in-house knowledge.
  • Proper use and maintenance significantly extends the life of the system.

Personal training

Of course, when you purchase a cleaning system or crate washer, you will always receive a manual containing detailed operating and maintenance instructions. The problem is, however, that the manual is often not read closely enough when putting the crate washer or cleaning system into operation. Such ‘paper’ instructions often miss their purpose. Do you want to be certain that the system or washer is being used and maintained correctly? Then let your employees - the people who have to deal with it on a daily basis - attend a one-time personal training course when putting the system into operation. Verbal information - given by a specialist - goes in and stays in better than instructions on paper. In addition, this training is combined with a demonstration of the system.

Verbal instructions for use and maintenance will cover the following matters, amongst others:

  • How do I use the system properly?
  • How does the system's ‘menu’ work and which components does it consist of?
  • How should the system be cleaned and prepared for operation for the next day?
  • What malfunctions can occur and how can they be resolved?

Final step

The operating and maintenance instructions for your employees are the final step in the overall process that you go through when you purchase a cleaning system or an industrial washing system such as a crate washer. Would you like more information about the entire procurement process and the importance of good advice? Then download the white paper ‘The right choice for a cleaning system or crate washer’.

Whitepaper: the right choice for a cleaning system or crate washer

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