Washing systems

An efficient and cost-saving washing system

An efficient washing system that also lets you save money? That’s an (industrial) washing system from Elpress. We are a leading developer, producer and supplier of innovative washing systems for the food industry. Many of our products are now considered the standard in the industry. Our food-safe washing systems are suitable for use in the meat and fish industry, bakeries, PVF, dairy, confectionery and logistics organisations. With this kind of environmentally friendly washing system from Elpress, you can clean various load carriers, including:

  • Crates
  • Pallets
  • Boxes
  • Tanks
  • Vats
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Washing systems that deal with dirt

The sophisticated washing systems from Elpress ensure that all kinds of dirt is dealt with in a single wash. Such as proteins, blood stains, grease, sticker and adhesive residues and dried-on dirt. To this end, we use various dirt filters with proven and reliable filter techniques. We ensure that an optimal result is always achieved through the right combination of temperature, chemicals, time  and mechanical force. We would also be pleased to work with you on the simplification and optimisation of your washing processes. Amongst other things, we do that by offering appropriate, sustainable solutions. Our washing systems are:

  • Innovative
  • User-friendly
  • Durable
  • Ergonomic
  • High-quality
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Customer-specific washing systems for the food industry

Innovation and thinking ahead are in our DNA. We don’t just say that; we’ve been proving it in our systems for more than 30 years. For example, the washing systems for use in the food industry have a modular design. This makes it possible to clean a variety of load carriers with the same washing system. You therefore always benefit from a customer-focused system that meets specific requirements and comes with an attractive price tag. All of our systems are also quick and easy to clean because they have been developed with stainless steel, which can be cleaned better than  other materials.

Efficient, durable and cost-saving

With an innovative washing system from Elpress, you’re opting not only for efficiency and the environment but also for cost savings. Our certified washing systems use water, energy and cleaning agents sparingly with no detrimental effects on the cleaning itself. Because the washing systems are efficiently designed with sophisticated elements, they reduce the use of resources such as energy and water. In brief, our washing systems are developed with the environment in mind. Further features:

  • Recirculating washing water, which re-uses water
  • An intelligent water management system that doesn’t waste a drop of water
  • Steam extraction and heat recovery for a reduction in energy loss
  • Insulated outer walls for less loss of heat

We believe in hygienic washing systems

At Elpress, we believe in hygienic washing systems. Not because hygiene is required by law but simply because it delivers better food. With the automatic washing system from Elpress, you’ll raise the hygiene in your business to the next level. Furthermore, we always keep an eye on the total solution at Elpress by working with you on each area. Are you interested in our automatic washing systems? Then feel free to get in touch.