Types of contamination

Types of contamination

How do you eradicate the different types of contamination in a single wash cycle? Our cleaning philosophy consists of a combination of temperature, time, chemical and mechanical force. By using these four elements in the right way, we enable the users of our industrial washing systems to achieve the desired cleaning result.

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Best removed at low temperatures (approx. 30-40 °C).
If the temperature is too high, the proteins will clump together (‘coagulate’).


Blood residues

The best treatment is to apply a low temperature (approx. 30-40 °C) and mechanical force in combination with the right chemicals.



The best way to remove these is to apply a high temperature (approx. 50-65 °C) and mechanical force in combination with the right chemicals.


Sticker and adhesive residues

The best way to remove these is by applying a high temperature and (very) high mechanical force. Our special sticker removal module offers a solution for this. The microfilter system filters the washing water and keeps maintenance costs low.


Dried-in dirt

Dried-in dirt demands a more specific approach. This type of contamination is characteristic in products that have, for example, stayed in a freezer or outside in the sun. The right amount of pre-treatment (time) and the use of sufficient mechanical force and chemicals is an effective treatment method.


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