BRC Certification

Elpress is the leading producer in the field of industrial hygiene. Our focus is on providing total solutions where innovation and quality are paramount. We offer you a range of possibilities in the field of hygiene, in order to qualify for the BRC certificate.


BRC stands for British Retail Consortium and is the leading standard for food safety and quality control. BRC certification is globally recognised and guarantees compliance with stringent food safety standards. The certificate assesses various aspects such as product integrity, food safety systems, production processes and the traceability of raw materials.

To obtain BRC certification, food producers must comply with the requirements of the standards pertaining to their specific sector and activities. The BRC certificate is recognised by retailers, distributors and food companies around the world.

The advantages of a BRC certificate:

  • Customer confidence: obtaining the BRC certificate demonstrates that a company is committed to food safety and quality.

  • Improved business processes: because companies have to thoroughly evaluate their business processes, this can lead to a general improvement in business performance.

  • Risk management: by complying with the standards of the BRC certificate, an organisation can reduce the risks of food-related hazards.

  • Access to markets: a BRC certificate is recognised and respected by retailers, distributors and food companies around the world. Having a BRC certificate can simplify access to new markets and may be required by many large retail chains.


Guaranteeing food safety should be top priority for every organisation in the food industry. Food safety is extremely important for protecting consumers against the potentially harmful consequences of contaminated food. Obtaining the BRC certificate improves your company’s reputation. 

In brief, obtaining a BRC certificate is extremely important for food companies. Elpress can play an important role for you in complying with the BRC standards. We offer you a range of possibilities: from complete hygiene locks and cleaning systems to washing installations. 

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Elpress offers facilities that minimise the risk of product contamination and is able to implement hygienic products in the production environment. From the personal hygiene of employees to the cleaning of production areas. Elpress is the only manufacturer of personal hygiene equipment to hold the international HACCP certification. This certificate confirms that our products comply with high quality standards. 

The BRC certificate comprises various sections that deal with different aspects of food safety and quality. The seven sections of the BRC certificate are:

•    Involvement of the management:
This section deals with the involvement of senior management in guaranteeing food safety and quality within an organisation.

•    Management system for food safety:
This section describes the implementation and documentation of an effective management system for food safety.

•    Environmental standards:
This section explains the management of key environmental aspects that can impact food safety.

•    Food safety and quality system:
This section describes the systems and procedures for guaranteeing food safety and quality.

•    Check on the production process:
This section is about controlling and managing the production process and for guaranteeing food safety and quality.

•    Product management:
This section describes the checks and inspections that are carried out to ensure that the end product complies with the required specifications and standards.

•    Personnel criteria:
This section deals with the qualification, training and hygiene of the personnel involved in food production.

Elpress offers products and solutions in the field of industrial hygiene. Our hygienic solutions help ensure food safety and quality. The BRC certification process covers various aspects, such as product integrity, food safety systems, production processes and the traceability of raw materials. By implementing hygienic products and solutions that meet the high quality standards and guidelines of the BRC, food producers can improve compliance with food safety standards.