Cleaning philosophy

  • Areas of application

    – Meat- and fish industry
    – Bakeries
    – Potatoes, vegetables and fruit
    – Dairy
    – Confectionery
    – Logistics

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  • Load carriers

    The customer-specific standard
    Process simplification comes high on our agenda. Our industrial washing systems have a modular structure. Their design also takes account of a wide range of different load carriers. This means we are often able to adapt our standard washing systems to the customer’s specifications, in return for an attractive investment.


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  • Types of contamination

    How do you eradicate the different types of contamination in a single wash cycle? Our cleaning philosophy consists of a combination of temperature, time, chemical and mechanical force. By using these four elements in the right way, we enable the users of our industrial washing systems to achieve the desired cleaning result.

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  • Smart elements

    Economic and ecological

    With water and energy set to become increasingly scarce in the future, we believe it is important to use these resources efficiently. By applying smart elements, we are able to lower consumption levels even further, without harming the optimum washing result.

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  • Dirt filters

    Simple and effective

    Depending on the type of contamination and the load carriers being used, we offer the right specific filter. By making use of proven and reliable filtration techniques, our industrial washing systems ensure the washing water is re-used.

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  • Heating

    Various options are available for heating the washing water. The chosen application depends on the working and operating circumstances, with primary attention being paid at Elpress to the lowest possible energy consumption and the most efficient possible heating process.

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